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Asian solo tour gives me tension and Im doing my best. What is the meaning of the musical to you. With being as a singer, I will participate into the musical. The musical is attractive in point that I can live others life. Allegra d 24hr ingredients in marshmallows the muscial inspires my music.

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But these past 2 weeks, after Chile n Peru and Chun8217;s family loss, i dont even care if any of 8216;fan8217; left. coz our boys always, always have a way to make new people became their fans, new people to respect them n then fallen for who they are. and they have more than enough fans that stay to support them. i believe in the future when i grew old, this fandom will be the only fandom i would never too shy to told people that i was a part of it ) PS : sorry8230; too long rant (blushes) excellent post. There are many fans who will 8220;Stand By8221; JYJ.

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