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Buyer at Floor Decor. University of Phoenix 2006 - 2008. Bachelor of Science (BS), Business Management. AA, General Studies.

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Rather than simply serving complimentary cocktails and appetizers, the celebrated beauty boutique is really getting into the spirit of Fashion Week, offering consumers intimate access to the makeup artists and hair stylists who have mastered using the products stocked at The Plaza Beauty. Makeup artists from Smashbox and Becca will be on hand for consultations and touch-ups, as well as tutorials on how to achieve the hottest makeup looks for fall. Representatives from Sjal and Comfort Zone will provide facials, treatments and hand massages (because you have to look rested and revitalized before hitting the tents!). And finally, Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi (the founders of Warren-Tricomi) will demonstrate some of the prevailing fall hair styles.

Mix with your favorite ingredients and create new and refreshing drinks. Chico Sonido, Es Musica Tribal. Mixtape. Chico Sonido and Tropicaza present: La Cumbia Mutante (limited edition of 250 cassette MixTapes) Artwork by Carlos Olvera.

Serving the Highland area. Cheep Cheep Postcards - Direct Mail Advertising.]