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" (5) Vesuvius dont talk - Etna - dont - [They] one of them - said a syllable - a thousand years ago, and Pompeii heard it, and hid forever - She could'nt look the world in the face, afterward - I suppose - Bashfull Pompeii. "Tell you of the want" - you know what a leech is, dont you - and [remember that] Daisy's arm is small - and you have felt the Horizon - hav'nt you - and did the sea - never come so close as to make you dance. I dont know what you can do for it - thank you - Master - but if I had the Beard on my cheek - like you - and you - had Daisy's petals - and you cared so for me - what would become of you. Could you forget me in fight, or flight - or the foreign land.

Taken as a parallel to her sculpture or seen as a further dimension of her art, her drawings constitute a significant and defined area of Whiteread s remarkable career, one that deserves close attention and celebration. Table of Contents. This elegant volume accompanies the first museum survey of drawings by Rachel Whiteread, tracing her career from the late 1980s to the present. While Whiteread's public works such as House, the monumental cast of a nineteenth-century terraced house in the East End of London that earned her the Turner Prize, Water Tower, which graced the skyline of downtown Germany, and Untitled Monument in Trafalgar Square are renowned, her works on paper have remained largely unknown to the general public.

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