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Proposed federal rule on predator hunting comes under fire at Galena hearing. Yesterday in Galena, the Fish and Wildlife Service held the last of its public allegranti marco oculista firenze jewels on proposed changes to hunting regulations for national wildlife refuge lands in Alaska. The proposal would change federal regulations to ban the use of bait stations to kill brown bears, the use of traps or snares to kill bears, the killing of bears from airplanes (or on the same day that a hunter has flown in an airplane), and the killing of wolves or coyotes allegra poletti power May 1st through August 9th. The public comments shared with the Fish and Wildlife officials present in Galena yesterday were overwhelmingly against to the proposed rule. ldquo;Three diving forces have defined sound wildlife management programs of wildlife agencies: biology, politics and public opinion. This proposed rule completely eliminates biology and sound science from the decision making process and is based solely on public opinion and politics,quot; said Galena resident Nolan Aloysius. quot;This proposed rule put forth by both the Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Service would close lands to many hunting opportunities despite there being no conservation concerns. rdquo; Fish and Game Area Biologist Glenn Stout agreed. Speaking on his own behalf, and not representing Fish and Game, Stout argued that the Fish and Wildlife Service is not following the spirit or letter of the law that set up national wildlife refuges in the state: the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, or ANILCA. ldquo;ANILCA set up a methods and allegralouise instagram pictures process, that being the Allegralouise instagram pictures Subsistence Board and the RACs [regional advisory councils] to address methods and means.

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