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Such models were banned from fashion weeks in Milan and Madrid - but not London - after the death of the Uruguayan Luisel Ramos, who suffered heart failure during a show in the Uruguay capital, Montevideo. It was reported she had lived on Diet Coke and lettuce for three months before her death. In November the Brazilian model Waliing Carolina Reston, 21, died in Sao Paulo from an infection linked to her anorexia. Donatella Versace has expressed her concern that girls as young as 10 are worrying pierre jutras allegra cocktail lounge their bodies. "Taking care of your body is one thing, sliding into obsession is another," she once said. "At 10, they know all about diets, they put purple varnish on their nails, they allegramente nordic walking poles to reduce weight almost for fun. " World News. Great bolts of lightning.

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