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9 AM we decided to go and grab breakfast from McDonalds nearby not to mention they have earn a lot of money for the past days because of fans… Anyways I brought a croissant and hot chocolate and headed back to our treasure spot we were guarding with our lives. (Our spot and the premium front row line up) (We were this close to the entrance ) Around 10 AM the fire alarm started and first we didnt think it was a fire alarm but then 3 to 4 fire trucks drove in to the parking lot and we panicked a little but the drove back soon after. 10:50 AM we heard the sound system were being checked and seconds later Junsus voice echoed inside the hall making us all scream outside. He was doing sound check and was singing no gain.

PROFIT GROWTH. Does cash seem to be flying out the door to everyone but YOU â the owner.]