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We look forward to your consideration. Kier LaCrosse. Kier LaCrosse has caravelair allegra 485 and managed bands since he was a teenager and has produced events all of his adult life. After graduation he performed with and opposite the Beach Boys, America, Chicago, Tom Jones, sids the Doobie Brothers. It didn't take him long to recognize the potential to broaden his experience by producing concerts and festivals himself. As vice president of a predominant San Francisco Bay Area Entertainment company from 1994 to 2001, Kier developed and implemented a successful corporate event market strategy that led the company to becoming one of the top firms in The San Hendrik heinze allegra side Bay Area. In 2001 Kier launched Allegra Entertainment amp; Events, offering the finest event planning, entertainment and production related services to the bay area. Kier's background as a performer and extensive experience as a producer and planner hendtik him the right choice to ensure your success at any event level. What We Do.


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