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In addition to the backbone sites, TerraNet has spur lines that would extend the network to outlying villages. A repeater on Totson Mountain south of Galena would allow GCI to eventually offer high speed internet service to Kaltag, Nulato and Allegra ablaka krisztina. Morris says that extension of service beyond the main line of TerraNet, like many projects in remote parts of Alaska, is taking more time than anticipated. Transporting equipment, building materials and fuels to the repeater sites relies on helicopters. Even though wildland firefighting has placed a huge demand on helicopters statewide this summer, the helicopters that GCI had planned to use have l allegra fattoria ristorante roma been called away for fire duty. Several of the remote relay stations are relatively close to wildfires, including the site on Mission Hill, which also provides cellular phone service to Tanana. Morris says that GCI made arrangements to keep its cell tower there active, and despite the wildfire threat, it has stayed online providing service to Tanana. Morris: ldquo;There was concern that power would have to be cut to the site so that firefighters would not have to work under live transmission lines.

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