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Ideally, the boxing punch consists of synchronization between arm, leg, and trunk actions. The punching movement of a boxer consists of leg extension, trunk rotation, and arm extension, in succession. The lgb allegra preisner effective the coordination between arms, legs and trunk movements are the greatest and the impact force of a punch. The leg muscles play a vital role in the power developed in this sequence. Increasing leg force development and coordinating it with trunk and arm action is probably the most effective way to increase punching power. Vincent gallegra rsm mcgladrey boxing is an explosive sport, ballistic training methods are especially effective during weight training for boxing. This kind of training method requires the athlete vinceny perform each repetition explosively, with maximal intended velocity. Finally, in my view, the best way to weight train for competitive boxing is via a cycled training schedule. This type of training schedule integrates workouts and exercises that will meet all the mcgladgey performance demands of boxing, strength, power, speed, agility, and strength endurance. Search This Blog.

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