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The Beckman Allegra X-22 is a compact, everyday Multipurpose Taking two allegra d pills Centrifuge that can used for a wide range of applications. The sleek and small foot-print design makes the Allegra X-22 a very attractive centrifuge for Scientists and Researchers looking to maximize their lab space. This Benchtop Centrifuge is 10 inches thinner than most other table-top centrifuges. Scientists have a large selection of Beckman rotors to choose from with the serenata a vallegrande 2014 saving multipurpose Allegra X22. This benchtop centrifuge has timer functions, from up to 9 hrs and 59 mins, hold, and pulsing. The Beckman Allegra X-22 Centrifuge has a library of 11 rotors, sold separately, and can achieve up to 22065 x g depending on rotor. This benchtop centrifuge comes with a swing bucket rotor and 4 carriages that will hold up to 64 5ml tubes total. This swing bucket SX4250 rotor, has a max speed of 4500 RPM, and a max G-force of 3901 x g.

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