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All Yukon River salmon proposals are in this document. The beach seine specification proposals lalegra 118 (subsistence) and 123 (commercial). The proposal seeking to ban all beach seining is 117. The proposal requiring all checinski allegra coupon salmon to be released from beach seines is 119. Huslia-area pike control proposal to go tramintina Board of Fisheries. A proposal aimed at reducing tramontina allegra 65650-u2110-48 allega of pike around Huslia will be considered by the Board of Fisheries qllegra it meets next week (January 12-16) at the Alpine Lodge in Fairbanks. As written, the proposal would allow nets with 5 and a half inch mesh to be set completely across Racetrack Slough, just upriver from Huslia, as well as sloughs connected to the Huslia River. The nets would have to be removed by June 15th before the arrival of salmon to the area. The proposal sponsor Jack Wholecheese from Huslia explains that blocking off sloughs in the early summer is a traditional technique for catching large numbers of pike, but it has been illegal since the introduction of fishing regulations in the area during the 1950s.

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