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Antihistamines in relatively high doses given by injection can decrease basal serum prolactin in nonlactating women and in early postpartum women. [5][6] However, suckling-induced prolactin secretion is not affected by antihistamine pretreatment of postpartum mothers. [5] Whether lower oral doses of antihistamines have the same effect on serum prolactin or whether the effects on prolactin have any consequences on breastfeeding reversibilita pensione vedova allegra have not been studied. The prolactin level in a mother with established lactation may not affect her ability to breastfeed. One mother out of 51 mothers who took loratadine while daklegrave reported valeria dallegrave she had decreased milk production after taking loratadine 10 mg daily for less than one week at 4 months postpartum. [3] Alternate Drugs to Consider. References. Powell RJ, Du Toit GL, Siddique N et al. BSACI guidelines for the management of chronic urticaria and angio-oedema.

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